You run a venue. Providing a perfect conference environment for excellent scholarly exchange or for a corporate top event is your core business. And it is our core business as well. We all need a quick, safe and economically sustainable restart of the conference industry. Urgently!

Without operating venues, conference business is not conceivable. We pondered how we could use our vast expertise and our business insights to support venues once conference business comes to life again.


What will matter most? We think: breaking and fighting the chains of infection during conferences at venues worldwide!


We developed „HALEJET“, a free-standing and touch-free hand sanitizer dispenser to serve large crowds at venues.


Due to the double-sided and fully automatic nozzles (the fluid „JETS“), twice the number of attendees can use a dispenser station (compared to all other products in market with only one nozzle) fast and easily.


Spots to put the dispenser stations: entrance and reception, in front of lecture halls, at rest room doors, in catering areas – or any areas of your choice.


“HALEJET” will support venues by preventing infections.


A „HALEJET“ works independently all the day thanks to a rechargeable battery and a capacity of 10 liters of disinfectant in his stable stand. A „HALEJET“ is steady and stable, it is made of aluminium and it goes well with any kind of interior in your venue. It is an eyecatcher and attendees will love to use it – a helpful gamification tool which could save lives.



Filling quantity 10l per station

Double-sided spray nozzles

Easy setup according to any distancing concept

No power cabling, no tripping hazards, no electric shocks

Quick in/out system for rechargeable 18V batteries

External charging devices for multiple batteries

Battery lasts for up to 2 conference days per station

Made for non-flammable disinfectants

Non tilting and stable body

Made of non-flammable aluminium

Dripless nozzles means clean floors

A real eye-catcher for any venue!


Space saver: the stations are stackable for temporary storing (approx. 04 “HALEJETS” on one Euro pallet)! Collect, store and maintain them after every conference easily and hassle-free in your warehouse.

Donation: until dec. 31, 2020 the amount of 10% of each sold „HALEJET“ will be donated to a local organization of your choice in order to strengthen social projects against CORONA.

It would be our pleasure to hear from you soon!

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